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Black Haw Bark (Wild Crafted)

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Planet: Jupiter

Bulk Herbs: Black Haw Bark, Wild Crafted

Viburnum prunifolium

Format: C/S
Size: 1 oz package

Also Known as Viburnum prunifolium. American sloe, stag bush, Southern Black Haw, Stag Bush, Viburnum, Devil's Shoestring, Viburnum lentago, Viburnum rufidulum.

Farming Type: Wild Crafted
Origin: USA

The black haw is a deciduous shrub that belongs to the honeysuckle family. It is native to North America and grows in moist woods, thickets, and along stream banks. Its red berries ripen in August and gradually turn blue through the winter. The berries are edible and may be eaten off the bush or made into jams or preserves. The root bark is collected in autumn, the stem bark in spring and summer. Native Americans used black haw for various things, including painful menses, to prevent miscarriage, as a postpartum antispasmodic, and in some cases for asthma. Much of the knowledge of black haw that was not given by the Native Americans to the early settlers and was taken from the King American Dispensatory (1854), a medical and herbal textbook. This text said, in part, that black haw was good for boosting fertility and precluding abortion. This is said to account for many southern slave owners' belief that they could produce a larger labor force (more slaves) by coercing their female slaves to eat the berries regularly. In addition, black haw is used to treat health problems caused by uterine contractions, including menstrual cramps and false labor pains.

Black haw is a stronger uterine relaxant than cramp bark, and large or frequent doses may lower blood pressure. Black haw has been shown to lower blood pressure, and therefore help with uterine relaxation is the well-known chemical constituent scopoletin, which is active and present in the herb.

Note: Black haw is safe in pregnancy and may even prevent miscarriage. Its use is not recommended by those with a history of liver and/or kidney problems, and its use may produce a gastrointestinal upset.

In magick, Devil's shoestring (Black Haw) is a strong protection herb. It can be carried in a sachet or added to protection blends. It can also be used in gambling as a good luck item. It can also be used to improve your prosperity in job spells as well as business spells.

Keywords: Protection, gambling, employment.

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