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Eyebright Powder (Wild Crafted)

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Product Details
Element: Air
Planet: Sun

Bulk Herbs: Eyebright Powder (Wild Crafted)
Euphrasia officinalis

Format: Powder
Size: 1 oz package

Also Known as: Euphrasia officinalis, Augentrostkraut, Euphraisiae herba, Euphrasia, _Eurphrasia rostkovian_a, Herbed Euphraise.

Farming: Wild Crafted
Location: Croatia

Eyebright is an elegant, tiny English pasture plant, with deeply-cut leaves and numerous, small, white or purplish flowers variegated with yellow. Its botanical name Euphrasia is borrowed from the Greek Euphrosyne (gladness), one of the three graces, distinguished from the others by her joy and mirth. Although the name comes from the Greek, very little is mentioned about the herb by Pliny the Elder or Discorides or in any herbals tomes until the 14th century, where it is mentioned in Gordon’s Liticium Medicinia (1305). It is also mentioned later in Milton’s Paradise Lost, where an angel gives Adam Rue herb and Eyebright to help purge his eyesight. Eyebright is popularly used in Europe as a rinse, compress, and eye bath.

NOTE: The safety of this herb during pregnancy and lactation is not proven.

In magick, Eyebright is a masculine herb ruled by the Sun and Air. When used in teas it clears the mind and opens you up to new experiences, both on this plane and on the Astral. An infusion applied to the eyelids is said to induce a magical clairvoyance. Carrying the herb is said to increse psychic abilities.

Keywords: Mental Powers, Psychic Powers

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