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RM Spell Kit: Home Cleansing

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This spell kit contains materials for one spell. A list of what is included and what you will need is shown below. Each spell kit will contain a spell and a mundane plan for you to do. If you do not do the mundane plan, your spell will not work! So when you cast your spell be sure you do both the spell casting and the Mundane plan.

This spell Kit Contains:

• White Sage
• Black Spell Candle
• Banishing Oil
• Spell Instructions

What you will need (not included in this spell kit):

• Candle Holder
• Basic understanding of how to smudge space.
• You should be alone at home when you do this.
• You will need access to the entire inside of your house.
• Lighter or Matches to light your smudge stick
• 1-2 heads of garlic – depending on how large your home is
• Newspaper or brown paper bag

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