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RM Zodiac Spell Kit

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Zodiac Spell Kit

This beautiful Spell kit is excellent for anyone trying to do personal work to improve your life. Whether you are currently working on Shadow work, releasing trauma, or setting goals, you can use the power of the Zodiac to help! Use your own zodiac sign to empower your personal magick or choose a zodiac sign that brings energies in to boost and assist yours. Either way - there is power in the stars just waiting for you!

  1. One FULL SIZE (12 oz) bottle of our hand-blended gemstone oil for the sign you chose
  2. One Personal Power stone set for your chosen sign (contains four stones along with information on how each crystal applies to the selected sign)
  3. Two elemental votives in based on the ruling element of your selected sign
  4. One stick of Palo Santo to cleanse yourself and your tools
  5. A 2-page informational sheet about your desired sign, including correspondences, magical affinity, and more!
  6. Instructions about how to cleanse and program your crystals

For more ideas on how to create your spells with our blends, visit!

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