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Aura Herbal Mist

Aura [ˈäu̯rä]

From Latin Aura


aura f (genitive aurae); first declension


  1. A breeze
  2. A breath of Air
  3. The Air

Our Aura Herbal Mist is the perfect ceremonial tool for all rituals involving Elemental Air, The Mental Body, Air Signs, Higher Planes, Higher-self, and the crown chakra.

It contains the following ingredients:

  • Bergamot EO
  • White Sage EO
  • Blue Lotus EO
  • Hyssop EO
  • Hyacinth FO
  • Rosemary EO
  • Patchouli EO

Using Spiritual Mists

Spiritual mists are a recent addition to the lineup of pagan products. Our lives today are much more mobile than our ancestors and sages past. We are constantly bustling from one place to another, and at times, we have no time or energy to run back to our sacred space to perform a ritual or ceremony – however, we still seek the balance and recharge that rituals can provide.

Enter spiritual mists! Spirituality is part of our daily lives; our mists are designed to go with you where YOU need them. These are portable and powerful sources of balance, support, energy boost, or even cleansing when needed. The Amāre Herbal Mist and 60 seconds of deep breathing can provide a vibrational shift whenever and wherever you need it.

Imprinting your mist

The imprinting ceremony allows you to work deeply with your mist to provide needed support.  The goal of this ritual is to imprint your calm and balanced energy pattern into the mist so that whenever you need it.  Using the mist immediately brings you back to a place of peace and balance – where you were during your imprinting ceremony.

Our mist does not need to be imprinted to work; however, it will benefit you most when doing so.  Do not let others use your mist once you have imprinted it.  This will contain your unique vibration and will not be as helpful to others.

Simple Imprinting Ceremony

  • You can use oils, incense, and crystals for this ceremony. I generally will use a spell candle, oil, and incense.
  • Be sure you perform this ceremony on a good day, where you feel balanced, calm, and relaxed since this is the energy pattern you want to imprint on it.
  • Create sacred space around your altar before you begin.
  •  Focus on elemental air, your higher self, and the higher planes. Open your mind and feel it expand. You feel lighter and lighter.  
  • The world falls away behind you. You feel like you are as light as a feather and begin to float up. You feel the wind currents supporting you and lifting you even higher.
  • You move up towards the sky, now above the clouds, still moving up. You continue to be lifted by the wind, and with each lift, you feel closer to divine energy. You feel your energy clearing, releasing everything that holds you back. You feel your mind so clear that all you can think of is how you feel and the light you see above you.
  • You are now entering a world of pure light. A high vibrational place where you exist in pure light. You feel supported and comforted and have a sense of clarity that you have never felt before.
  • With your eyes still closed, pick up your mist bottle. You feel the bottle pulsate, and as you look at it with your mind’s eye, you see it glow.
  • Feel the bottle in your hand, and feel the bottle get warmer. The bottle is now glowing so brightly you can barely look at it. Its glow and energy match the world around you above the clouds. Stay with the bottle like this for as long as you wish.
  • Feel the air currents beginning to bring you back down, just as gently as it lifted you. You see the clouds again, and the Air currents lower you through them. You feel the world returning to you a bit at a time. 
  • You see the roof of your house and relax as you feel the world around you start to come back and feel more solid. You feel your body connecting back to you – as you comfortably settle in, feeling energized and cleansed.
  • Once you feel complete, begin to bring awareness back into your body as you connect with every inch of it and feel your power supporting you once again. Move your fingers and toes when you feel connected.  
  • Close your sacred space, and if you use a spell candle, let it burn down. Bring the spray into your room and sleep with it on your nightstand that night. It is now ready to use.
Blue Lotus

Using your Mist

Whether you decided to imprint your mist or not, you can use it in any of the following ways:

  • When you feel mentally exhausted, you can spray the mist on yourself or in front of you and walk through it. Take about 30 seconds to sit back and take deep breaths to take the mist into you.
  • The mist can be used to bless and consecrate tools for spiritual purposes when you don’t have oil around.
  • Use the mist over your altar before you begin any ceremony involving your spirit guides, connecting to your higher self, your purpose, or road opening, and you need to add more energy to your ritual.
  • You can also use it during a Bath Ceremony to add energy to your ceremony. Just spray the mist over the water or on yourself. Close your eyes and take a deep breath to take in the scent.
  • You can spray it on your pillow to promote a good night’s sleep or aid lucid dreaming.
  • Spray the mist over a bowl of water to bless the water for any ritual (Do not drink the water).  
  • You can spray the mist over an honoring altar as an offering to a spirit or Deity.
  • Use the mist to bless an area before performing any ceremony, including mediumship sessions, tarot and divination sessions, or any time you wish to connect with your purpose.
  • Spray the mist directly on your Crown chakra to promote openness and connection with the higher planes. 

Elemental Water connects us with our emotional body, intuition and universal love. 


Elemental Air connects us with inspiration, creativity, clarity and the higher realms.


Saturn rules organization, legal matters, endings and banishings.


Mercury rules creativity, communication, clarity, and travel.


Jupiter brings us the energy of expansion, abundance, protection and growth.


Venus Rules Love, Glamour, Creativity, Sexual attraction

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