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Custom Orders

Oil Blends

You can order any type of custom oil blend to use in your rituals and ceremonies.  Regardless of what your tradition is, we can create a blend just right for you! Oil blends can be used in spell casting, anointing ceremonies, bath rituals and so much more! All of custom oils are shipped in a 1/2 o bottle.

Incense Blends

Custom incense blends come in a 2 oz tins.  You can use incense blends for ceremony, to cleanse an area, to balance and open your chakras, meditation and all types of spiritual work.

Bath Blends

Bathing ceremonies are an ancient practice.  They have been used for spiritual and medicinal ways for many centuries.  Even ancient cultures used bath ceremonies to cleanse, heal, connect with sprits and so much more.  We can create bath ceremonies for all of your spiritual, cleansing and physical needs! Baths come in an 8 oz Jar

Warding Blends

Warding Salts are sometimes called Witch Salts.  These blends can used for all types of warding and protection for a space or property.  They can used to bring prosperity to your business, protect and cleanse a home or a piece of land, cleanse the energy in an area and exorcise the spirits therein and so much more! Our warding blends come in an 8 oz Jar

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