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14" Deer Hide Drum

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Product Details

14" Deer Hide Drum

Size: 14"

Frame Type: Maple

Lashing: Deer

Type: Handmade

Drumstick: Included (shown in the picture, with Amethyst and Selenite)

Drum Dedication information & Dedication Ceremony: Included

Umbilical cord for Ceremony: Included

Drum therapy uses rhythm techniques to accelerate healing, produce happy feelings, maintain good health, and overcome mental trauma. Drumming has been shown to boost immunity and aid the stimulation of complete body and mind balance.

Many studies have shown that drumming is an accepted and essential part of healing medicine. The health benefits are immense; here are some of them:

  • A sense of belonging and connection with others
  • Aids with Alzheimer’s management
  • Allows and increases self-realization
  • Anxiety and stress reduction
  • Encourages mindful thoughts
  • Helps to overcome emotional problems in young people
  • Immune system boosting properties
  • Pain management
  • Release of negative feelings
  • Tension reduction

Along with all of the benefits above, drumming aids brain energy, and science has confirmed this. Drumming as a sound synchronizes the brain and thus produces a healthier mental state. Meditation or a shamanic Journey can also be a great way to achieve higher states of consciousness. Because of its rhythmic nature, drumming is becoming a specific area of music therapy and a well-used area of sound therapy.

When working with the pure energy of drums, they can do three things:

  • Awaken the Self (Consciousness)
  • Heightens Perception
  • It enables us to see into the deeper realms of self, lifting energy and moving you to the next level of consciousness.

Drumming with Animal and Plant Medicine

While you can achieve the benefits of drumming with just about any drum, there is an additional benefit to working with drums made from animal hides and wood. A drum created this way will also bring that animal's medicine to your work. The entire drum should be made with natural products to benefit from this.

Drum Hide

The hide creates the part of the drum that is played. When working with hides for your drums, it is crucial to know where the hide came from, how the animal was killed, where, and more. The animal hide will contain the majority of the medicine of that drum:

  • Buffalo: Abundance
  • Horse: Freedom & Personal Power
  • Moose: Self-Confidence
  • Elk: Stamina, going the distance
  • Bear: Introspection
  • Deer: Gentleness, Compassion
  • Goat: Healing, Abundance, Sacrifice, Protection
  • Cow: Fertility, Family, Divine Feminine
  • Steer/Bull/Ox: Determination, Leadership, Protection, Divine Masculine

Drum Frame

The frame of each drum is made from wood. The most common types are Cedar and Maple. This will also add to the energy of your drum.


The lashing refers to the cords that tighten the drum. They are generally made from animal hide. Sometimes, the lashing may match your drum hide, and sometimes, it may not. If the lashing is from a different animal, this can sometimes also add to the drum's medicine.

It is also important to note that drum parts may add to your drum's medicine but not replace it. When you get a new drum, you should journey with it and ask it what it wants to work on with you. You may find that your drum's personality will incorporate many more than animal and plant medicines. Your drum may even give you its name!

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