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Abundance and Prosperity Stone Set

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Product Details

Crystal Set: Abundance/Prosperity Stone set
Contains: 4 Stones

A beautiful Stone Set which is made to bring money and abundance to your life! Use this set when you want to boost your finances. This set is excellent for business improvement, to access a wanted raise on the present job, to achive a better position or career. Use this set any time you want abundance in your life. It contains the following stones:

- Citrine - for protection and financial success
- Aventurine - positive stone of prosperity
- Smoky Quartz - grounding and protective stone,remove blocks of success, and stress
- Tigers Eye - brings harmony and good luck in any situation

Be sure you Cleanse your stones when you first receive them. From then on, cleanse them after each use. Instructions on cleansing and charging your stones is also enclosed.

This stone set comes with an organza bag to keep your stones safe when not in use!

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