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Adam And Eve Root

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Product Details
Element: Water
Planet: Venus

Bulk Component: Adam and Eve Root (pair)

Format: Root
Size: 1 root Pair per package

Adam and Eve root are the roots of an orchid plant, identified by their distinctive shapes. Adam roots are pointy and elongated and come from the previous year's growth, while Eve roots are rounded, paler, and come from the newer growth. They are used together in many rituals to draw love, strengthen an existing love, and ensure fidelity between men and women.

True Adam and Eve orchids are considered threatened or endangered in many areas of the U.S., which can make obtaining them difficult. Fortunately, the magic of Adam and Eve root is not exclusive to that particular plant -- many rootworkers use other orchid species, or the seed of a lotus and bud of a balsam poplar with equal success. Though they are sold as a "male" and "female" root, same-sex or other-gendered couples can use two Adam roots, two Eve roots, or whichever combination of these roots they feel adequately represent them for magical purposes.
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