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Aesthetic Series

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Because we never use wooden cores or synthetics in our blending process, Shoyeido incense is pure fragrance, and thus inherently less smoky than most other styles of incense. With the Aesthetics Incense line, they have made their least smoky sticks yet, without sacrificing personality and refinement. Each of these three scents is as ambient and gentle as its namesake suggests.

  • Silhouette - Honoka: One of Shoyeido's special low-smoke recipes, gentle Silhouette contains sandalwood, frankincense and herbs - perfect for afternoon reveries.
  • Gossamer - Kasumi: A subtle fragrance of sandalwood and high quality herbs and spices, Gossamer is one of Shoyeido's specially formulated low-smoke fragrances.
  • Illusions - Oboro: A noble and savory fragrance, Illusions is a smooth mixture of sandalwood, camphor and other aromatic herbs. It is also one of Shoyeido's specially formulated low-smoke fragrances.
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