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Agate, Tree

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Product Details
Birthstone: May, September
Astrology: Taurus
Chakra: Heart, Crown

Tree Agate
Size: 3/4" to 1" each stone
Quantity per order: 1 Stone

Tree Agate is the common name for Dendritic Agate. Healers use tree agate to align and correct anything with branches (such as blood vessels, nerves, skeletal disorders). Tree Agate is believed to provide a powerful connection to the nurturing energy of nature. It is a good stone for plants and trees and can be gridded around a growing area to improve the health of the plants.

Tree Agate is a slow acting crystal and should be worn, or carried, for long periods of time to get the full benefit. It can also be used for any project that needs a boost to "grow" and expand. Not only for nature, this fantastic and beautiful stone can be used for personal growth as well as the seach for stability and abundance.

  • Enhances the health of house plants
  • Creates a peaceful environment
  • Deepens your connection to the earth
  • Chakra: Heart
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