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Angelic Tuning Fork Set

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Product Details

Angelic Tuning Fork Set

Frequencies: 4096 Hz C, 4160 Hz C, 4225 Hz C

Travel Bag: Included

The set includes 3 Angelic Tuning forks, 1 hammer, and a flannel bag.

Material: Our tuning fork set is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is shock-resistant and non-magnetic. It produces a clear and durable sound.

Angel tuning forks are high-pitched forks of the 9th octave. They are for the cranial bones and opening of the upper chakras. They help with creativity, wisdom, vision, manifestation, and clarity and encourage meditation. They strengthen the connection with the universal source of spiritual energy. Many believe they help to open the mind to spiritual enlightenment.

Benefits of this set:

  • 4096Hz “Jacob’s Ladder” is believed to help people connect with higher realms or states of consciousness, making it particularly effective for spiritual work and meditation. It can also stimulate the brain, enhance cranial vibrations, and synchronize the hemispheres.
  • 4160Hz “Pillar of Light” suggests a direct connection or conduit between you and the divine or higher realms of consciousness. Some believe this frequency helps you anchor and align with this sacred energy, acting as a bridge or pillar between the earthly and spiritual realms.
  • 4225Hz “Stairway to Heaven” is the highest of the three, and it evokes a sense of ascending, progressing, or moving closer to a divine or ethereal realm. The notion is that this frequency can act as steps or stages in one's spiritual ascent, aiding in meditation, reflection, and other spiritual practices.
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