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Product Details
Element: Air
Planet: Uranus, Moon
Astrology: Aquarius
Chakra: Throat, Crown


Natural Size: 3/4" to 1 1/2"
Tumbled Size: 3/4" to 1" each stone
Quantity per order: 1 Stone

This stone is formed from celestite that has been compressed for many millions of years. Angelite is a stone of heightened awareness, with special focus on peace and brotherhood. Due to its soothing energy it is often used to make contact with the higher angelic realms. This is a fantastic stone to have with you during Angelic sessions, meditations and for angelic guidance.

It is a strong stone of communication and can be used by those with the gift of mediumship to enhance their abilities. It is a calming stone that aids in meditation and relaxation.

  • Chakra: Throat, Third Eye, Crown
  • Promotes compassion and understanding
  • Helps to communicate with difficult people
  • Helps you to express true feelings
  • Enhances telepathy, mediumship and angelic communications

(This is a natural product - colors and shapes will vary from stone to stone)

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