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Aura Herbal Blend by Wyld Witchery

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Size: 8 oz Jar

The Lōtus line (Lōtus is Latin for Lotus) was created to work with the energies of the crown chakra and the upper realms. This blend also taps into elemental Air for cleansing and Water for adaptability. Primarily ruled by Jupiter, this entire line also relies on support from Mercurian, Saturnian, and Venusian energies.

Our Aura Herbal Blend is the most versatile ceremonial tool for all rituals involving Elemental Air, The Mental Body, Air Signs, Higher Planes, Higher-self Chakra and aura Cleansing, Road Opening, and the crown chakra.

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Ingredients: Blue Lotus Flower, Gotu Kola herb, Agrimony Herb, Hyssop Herb, Red Clover Blossoms, Hibiscus Flowers and Cedarwood Needles

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