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Bugleweed Herb (Organic)

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Planet: Venus

Bulk Herbs: Bugleweed Herb, Organic
Lycopus americanus

Format: C/S
Size: 1 oz package

Also Known as: Water Horehound, American Bugleweed

Farming Type: Organic
Origin: USA

Not to be confused with Carpet bugle or common bugle (Ajuga virginicus), bugleweed is a marshland native to Europe and naturalized to the United States in the 17th century by colonists who grew it for its beneficial qualities. It bears clusters of white, bugle-like flowers where stems connect to leaves. It is of the lamiaceae family, but is often referred to as the "odorless mint". The botanical name Lycopus refers to the resemblance of the cut leaf to a wolf's paw, which also explains the plethora of common names in many languages referring to wolves.

This is a that was once used to dye wool black, water horehound flowers by stream banks throughout Europe from July to September. It attains a height of about two feet and has pointed, toothed leaves and small, pinkish flowers that grow in the axils of the higher leaves.

In Magick, Bugleweed is ruled by mercury and air. It is a strong herb for protection and can be used in poppets and sachets. In magical lore it is said that Bugleweed can guard from sorcery and hexes. This herb can also be used in all anti-hexing blends.

NOTE: Not for use in pregnancy or lactation except under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner. Not for use in persons with hypothyroidism, thyroid enlargement, or on thyroid medications except under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner.

For educational purposes only This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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