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Calcite, Blue, Natural

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Product Details
Astrology: Cancer
Chakra: Throat

Natural Stones: Blue Calcite
Size: Approximately 1" per stone
Quantity per order: 1 Stone

All calcites are strongly related to the element of water. Generally what each calcite does varies by color.

Blue calcite is considered an energy amplifier and cleanser. It is an excellent stone of peace and works well for meditation of all kinds. It can also be used to improve contact with spirits, including guardian angels, spirit guides, totem spirits and more! If you are interested in astral travel, blue calcite can improve your chances of success!

It can be used as a healing stone and at times it is said to boost metabolism. In this sense it is a good stone for those trying to lose weight as it can calm some of the anxiety that leads to food cravings and boost the metabolism at the same time. It is a stone that helps to stabilize unstable things - therefore it is also excellent for those with mood disorders or who suffer from severe anxiety or depression.

  • Promotes Tranquility and calm
  • Promotes stability and meditation
  • Improves connections to the Astral plane
  • Chakra: Throat, Third eye

(This is a natural product - colors and shapes will vary from stone to stone)

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