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Calcite, Honey

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Product Details
Astrology: Cancer, Leo and Pisces
Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus

Honey Calcite
Size: 1" to 1.5" each stone
Quantity per order: 1 Stone

All calcites are strongly related to the element of water. Generally what each calcite does varies by color.

Honey calcite is one of our most popular stones! A fantastic stone of inspiration, it works incredibly well for artists of all types. It opens the mind, clarifies thought and simply helps you to see the beauty in things. It is am amazing stone for students, artists and business people. It helps to see a situation from every angle and promotes "out-of-the-box" thinking!

It is also a great stone for calming. Just holding a piece of honey calcite for a feel minutes can help you to calm and feel refreshed. It is excellent when paired with other meditation stones to help you find the right spiritual path for you. Everyone should have honey calcite in their gemstone collection!

  • Promotes Clear thinking and an open mind
  • Helps to find balance in all things
  • Promotes artistry and inspiration
  • Balances the chakras
  • Chakra: Third eye, Solar Plexus

(This is a natural product - colors and shapes will vary from stone to stone)

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