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Camphor Blocks

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Product Details
Element: Water
Planet: Moon

Bulk Herbs: Camphor
Refined Camphor Blocks

Format: Blocks
Size: 25 grams package

Also Known as: Kafoor, Camphire, Chang Nao

Farming Type: N/A
Origin: USA

Please note that this is synthetic camphor!

The waxy white blocks of camphor are perhaps best known for the pungent aroma that they possess, that is quite reminiscent of many topical rubs used in treating cold, cough and flu. Derived from the oils found within a variety of trees within Asia and Indonesia, it has been used for ages in helping to repel moths and other insects, and has also been used for its antimicrobial properties, particularly in embalming. In ancient and medieval Europe and china it was even used as a flavoring agent for sweets as well as many Arabic dishes of the mid ages. Indeed, you can still find sweets flavored with camphor throughout Asia.

Today, Camphor can still be found in household medicines for cold, cough and flu, and is frequently used by herbalists as a home remedy to clear up sinus and chest congestion by using it topically upon the chest. It is also quite useful spiritually in helping to renew the spirit, and find new vigor while at the same time soothing the nerves. Some also associate it with psychic abilities and prophetic dreams.

NOTE: It is important to note that the FDA discourages the medical use of of camphor.

In magick, Camphor is ruled by the Moon and water. It is generally use to reduce sexual desire and ward off sickness (particularly the cold and the flu). It is also a strong divinatory herb - if you plan to burn this on charcoal, use a VERY SMALL amount and make sure the room is WELL VENTILATED!

Keywords: Chastity, Health, Divination

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