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Celestite Crystal Elixir

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Our Celestite elixir brings all of the energy of this stone in liquid form so that you can experience it in a whole new way! This elixir is fantastic for anyone wanting to deepen their relationships with spirit guides and guardians. Also excellent for all types of angelic channeling and can help mediums stay connected to the higher realms during mediumship sessions.

Celestine or celestite is a mineral consisting of strontium sulphate. The mineral is named for its occasional delicate celestial blue colour. Celestite is the principal source of the element strontium, commonly used in fireworks and in various metal alloys. It is a member of the Barite Group of minerals. Celestite develops as an accessory mineral of ore veins and is usually found in sedimentary rocks especially in the cavities of sandstone and limestone. A large specimen of celestite in a room will remove bad vibrations from the environment.

The world's largest geode was found near the village of Put-in-Bay, Ohio, on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. It is a Celestite geode 35 feet in diameter with crystals up to 18" wide. Celestite is also found in Ohio, Kansas, Michigan, New York, Colorado, Death Valley California and Texas.

Infusion Type: Sun Infusion
Infusion Method: Indirect
Bottle Size: 1/2 oz

All of our Sun infused elixirs are single infused for 6 hours in direct sunlight. After that, they rest for 48 hours with the crystal so that the energies in the mother essence can stabilize. All of our mother essences are stored with their infusion stones on a Selenite plate to maintain potency.

Dosage: take 3-4 drops of elixir up to 3 times per day. This elixir does not interfere with any other medication you may currently be on. Contains trace amounts of food grade alcohol. This information is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease. Please consult a physician for any medical advice.

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