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Chakra Gemstone Set

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Product Details
Chakra: All

Gemstone Set: Chakra Stone Set
Contains: 7 Stones

Our beautiful chakra set will help you align your chakras and bring balance into your life! Whether you are just starting to work with Chakras or have been doing it for quite some time, this is a perfect set to have with you at all times!

* Crown (Top of the head) - Clear Quartz -Energy Amplifier and healing

* Third Eye (forehead) - Amethyst - Open Spiritual Perception, intuition

* Throat - Sodalite - Clear Thinking, Communication

* Heart (chest) - Rose Quartz - Opens the heart to love and healing

* Solar Plexus (below the chest, above Abdomen) - Citrine - Protection, Releases Toxins

* Sacral (below the pelvis) - Carnelian - Courage, health and healing

* Root (Base of the spine) - Obsidian - Protection, Grounding

Use this set for your everyday magic or just to balance the chakra's when you feel out of balance. Use these stones to re-charge your energies and empower your mind! Be sure you Cleanse your stones when you first receive them. From then on, cleanse them after each use. Instructions on cleansing and programming your stones are also enclosed. This stone set comes with a small bag to keep your stones safe when not in use!

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