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Chili Pepper Powder, Chipotle (Organic)

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Product Details
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars

Bulk Herbs: Chipotle Chili Pepper Powder (Organic)
Capsicum Annum

Format: Powder
Size: 1 oz package

Farming Type: Organic
Origin: Peru

Chipotle peppers are a jalepeno pepper that has been smoke dried. Capsicum annum is the Latin botanical name for the jalepeno pepper. The pepper starts out green, and turns red as it ripens on the plant. After the pepper is dark red and beginning to dry out, it is picked and put into a smoker. Wood, often pecan wood, is used to produce the smoke that flavors the peppers. Chipotle pepper is dried and has the texture of a raisin. Our Chipotle Pepper is 10K H.U.
Chipotle Pepper Powder can be used in a wide variety of recipes. You can sprinkle a bit into your favorite barbecue sauce, especially one that features a sweet taste, to balance the flavors and make both of them more exciting together. It is often a key ingredient used in a barbecue rub, which is rubbed onto steaks, chops and other cuts of meat that will go on the grill. It can also be used in a ketchup-based marinade for chicken. You can combine it with cubed chicken and spicy cheese as part of a chicken salad dish. Chipotle peppers are sometimes added to condiments such as mayonnaise or ketchup to spice them up. Some people enjoy balancing sweet and spicy flavors in desserts, and a chocolate brownie could easily benefit from the addition of a little chipotle. It offers a spicy kick to potato salads, and is stunning when added to slow-cooked pinto beans that will cook down to refried beans. For a flavor surprise that would go well with any type of savory Mexican food, try a bit of chipotle mixed into your sour cream that you use to garnish the dishes.

Note: Excessive dose may cause gastrointenstinal irritation or heartburn, or exacerbate gastroesophageal reflux. Cayenne preparations irritate the mucous membranes and injured or broken skin.

In magick, Chili pepper is ruled by Mars and Fire. It is generally used to ensure fidelity of a partner and to break all kinds of curses. It can also be used (in small quantities) in love powders and potions to enhance and spice up a romance.
Keywords: Fidelity, Hex-breaking, Love

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