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Citrine Grid Set, Gemstone set

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Citrine Crystal Grid Set
5 Pieces of Citrine

Energy work has become known the world over for its immense benefits to maintaining a healthy mind and body. Working with crystals in their rough forms gives you a stronger connection to the crystal. This beautiful set of 5 Citrine stones are put together specially for energy work. Please note that some sets may vary and have larger or smaller stones. Each set comes with a bag to keep your crystals safe when not in use. Please remember to cleanse your crystals between uses. Instructions on how to cleanse your crystal will also be included.

Citrine is a strong stone of cleansing. Often it is used to purify the Aura as well as remove energetic "static". It can also be used to balance Male energies and connect with your power center in your Solar Plexus. For many it can act as a conduit for creativity and thinking outside the box! No matter how you choose to work with Citrine, it has some amazing properties that you have to experience first hand!

I keep a piece of citrine in my first aid kid and use it to deliver that first burst of cleansing energy to all injuries. I also keep another by my bedside as Citrine can often "purify and Cleanse" energies around you in a dream state. This can often help those who suffer from nightmares. Citrine is one of those must-have stones for your stone set if you plan to do any type of energy work and healing! Instructions on how to cleanse and charge your stones are included!

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