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Cloves, Whole (Organic)

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Element: Fire
Planet: Jupiter

Bulk Herbs: Cloves, whole, Organic
Syzygium aromaticum

Format: Whole cloves
Size: 1 oz package

Also Known as: Syzygium aromaticum, Eugenia aromaticum, Carenfil and Mykhe.

Farming Type: Organic
Origin: Sri-Lanka

The clove bud is a highly aromatic flower that has been used for food and medicine for centuries. It is native to the Malucca Islands (also called the Spice Islands) but is now cultivated worldwide. Cloves were one of the first globally traded spices, going as far back as 1721 B.C.E. They were highly prized by the Romans and the Chinese. The Chinese were known to chew them before an audience with the emperor to make sure their breath was fresh.

By the 16th and 17th century they had, along with nutmeg, become the most precious spice on the market. In 1605, the Dutch tried to gain a monopoly on the trade by going to the Maluccas and controlling as much land containing cloves as they could. They went so far as to burn any trees that were not under their control. This did not fare well with the natives as many clove trees were planted when a child was born, and according to their traditions, the life of the tree and the child were directly tied together.

NOTE: Clove oil and clove preparations are generally considered safe in the United States, though people who are allergic to balsam may also be allergic to cloves. When taken undiluted in large doses, clove oil can cause vomiting, sore throat, seizures, kidney and liver damage, fluid in the lungs and tissue damage. People who have kidney or liver disorders and those with a history of seizures should avoid the use of cloves.

Cloves are a strong herb used for protection and exorcism magick. It can also be used for love spells and Money. As with Star Anise, the key to this herb is to use it in moderation. When adding to incense, be sure to add just a small pinch. This herb is better used in herbal sachets and herbal baths.

Keywords: Protection, Love, Exorcism. For educational purposes only.

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