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Cordis Smoking Blend by Wyld Witchery

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Size: 4 oz Tin

The ROSA line (Rosa is Latin for Rose) was created to work with the energies of the heart chakra and universal love. Whether you are working on healing your heart, manifesting new love, glamour magick, strengthening relationships, or tapping into the energies of all three water signs, use the blends in this line for empowerment and healing.

Our Cordis smoking blend is designed to release anxiety, open the heart chakra, and help you connect to Universal love. Smoking blends offer a new way to connect with herbal energies. They can be a fantastic alternative to tobacco, but it allows you to take in the essence of these herbs through elemental air for a unique and satisfying connection.

This blend is created so that you can use it to release stress or lower anxiety. You don't have to use it in ceremony only. This blend is safe to smoke every day if you so wish! And, if you decide to use it in a ceremony, it works beautifully to release negativity.

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Ingredients: Rose Flowers, Damiana Leaf, Mullein Leaf, Raspberry Leaf, Lobelia Leaf, Marshmallow Root and Chamomile Flower.

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