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Crystal Bath Gemstone Set

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Crystal baths are a way that you can re-charge and re-energize yourself anytime! They require no ritual, and can be done in as little as 30 minutes! This wonderful little set makes a great gift for someone else or for yourself! Keep it next to the tub and anytime you need a boost, pull some crystals out, some bath water and you are good to go! This set comes with complete instructions on how to use them, how to cleanse the stones and some suggestions on how to pair up your stones! Also contains complete descriptions on what each stone should be used for.

Our set contains the following stones:

* Amethyst
* Green Aventurine
* Red Jasper
* Quartz Crystal
* Citrine
* Rose Quartz
* Black Obsidian
* Moonstone
* Sodalite

Be sure you Cleanse your stones when you first receive them. From then on, cleanse them after each use. Instructions on cleansing and programming your stones are also enclosed. This stone set comes with a small bag to keep your stones safe when not in use!

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