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Curry Leaf (Organic)

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Element: Fire
Planet: Mars

Bulk Herbs: Curry Leaf, Organic
Murraya koenigii

PLEASE NOTE: Our curry leaf is cut and sifted. Sometimes it is cut larger and sometimes smaller but it is always cut . We have no control over that - it comes that way from our supplier. Please understand that before you order!!

Format: Cut and sifted
Size: 1 oz package

Also Known as: Murraya koenigii, Bergera koenigii, and Chalcas koenigii, Kari Pattha, Hojas de Curry, Feuilles de Cari.

Farming Type: Organic
Origin: India

Curry Leaf is from a small tropical tree from the citrus family that is native to India. Curry Leaf is reported to have medicinal properties and is widely used in Southeast Asian cuisine (especially in vegetarian dishes) much like bay leaves and has a strong smoky taste and flavor. The raw leaves can be eaten to ward off dysentery. Curry leaf should not be confused with curry seasoning blend, which is a mixture of herbs and spices. Curry Leaf contains 0.5 – 0.8% essential oil with a decrease as the leaves mature.

In the essential oil, alpha and beta pinene and caryophyllene exist and these are also common in allspice, clove and cinnamon. Most often used in cooking, added to hot oil in the early stages of cooking to release its unique flavor. It can also be added to other herbs in teas, tinctures, or encapsulations. Add to cooking in moderation, to be used only in specific curries to provide specific tanginess.

In magick, curry is a strong protection herb. Burn it at night to keep evil spirits at bay. Can also be used in combination of other cleansing herbs to clear a space or home of negative energies and evil spirits.

Keywords: Protection

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