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Divination Gemstone Set

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Gemstone Set: Divination
Quantity Per Set: 13 Stones

Gemstone divination is one of the oldest forms of divination still practiced today. There are MANY different types of gemstone divination. Your best bet is to select one type and stick with it. This gemstone set is based on a simple divination method that I use with 13 stones. You will receive the 13 stones listed below:

* Crystal Quartz
* Moonstone
* Citrine
* Carnelian
* Red Jasper
* Rose Quartz
* Amethyst
* Blue Chalcedony
* Sodalite
* Green Aventurine
* Smoky Quartz
* Hematite
* Black Obsidian

These gemstones are roughly around 1/3 to 1/2 inch each. They come with a velveteen pouch to aid you in your work as well as an interpretation chart and 2 simple layouts you can use.

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