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Dragon Power Gemstone Set

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Gemstone Set: Dragon Power Stores
Contains: 6 stones (Natural)

This beautiful gemstone set is made specially for working with Dragon spirits. Whether you are just starting out or have been working with Dragon Magick for a long time, this will be a very useful set! This set contains 6 Dragon Power gemstones. Below are the meanings for each stone as they apply to Dragon Magick!

- Clear/White Quartz - Used for spiritual guidance, moon magick, visions, divination and dreams. We will hand-select quartz pieces with a lot of white in them as those are most powerful for this type of magick.

- Red Jasper- Used for energy, courage, defense, physical love and sexuality, strength and power. This stone symbolizes birth, death and rebirth. Red Jasper on particular is an excellent protective stone, it is known for sending negativity back to the sender.

- Yellow Jasper - Used for power and energy of the mind, creativity of the mental type, sudden changes, communication skills, heightened visualization and travel. Yellow jasper is also well known for its ability to attract good luck.

- Sodalite - Used for healing, harmony, understanding, journeys or moves, peace, calm emotions, stopping nightmares, restful sleep and purification of the Inner being. Sodalite in particular is also often used as a meditative stones as it helps to bring Wisdom into your life.

- Green jasper - Used for growth, fertility, money, marriage, good health, grounding and balancing. Green jasper is a gentle stone, which is incredibly power for all types of abundance magick. Its energy is also gentle enough to be used by people of all ages!

- Black Tourmaline - Used for defense, binding, repelling dark magick, cursing, reversing throughtforms, patterns and spells into positive power. Black tourmaline  is well known for its powers of divination, and the ability to ground and bring balance into your life. It is also a very powerful protective stone.

This beautiful set comes with a quick reference card with meanings for each stone in Dragon Magick as well as instructions on how to cleanse and charge your stones. A pouch is also included to keep your stones safe when not in use!

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