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Dream Stones, Gemstone Set

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Crystal Set: Dream Stones
Contains: 4 Stones

This set has been added by popular demand! So many customers have been asking us to add a gemstone set to work with dream magick as well as sleep and here it is! These stones are hand-selected for their ability to assist in dreams, sleeping and dream magick!

- Amethyst - to help with insomnia and to bring peaceful, pleasant dreams.

- Agate - A powerful stone to protect against bad dreams, and helps to bring varied dreams

- Citrine - promotes mental clarity, enhances your ability to understand your dream messages, and dispells negative dreams

- Clear Quartz - the ultimate dream stone! It stimulates a spiritual connection and guidance that can assist you in unlocking the power of your dreams! We hope you will enjoy this set!

Keep them by your bed or under your pillow. Use one stone at a time or all at once - its up to you! We have also used them with good success along with a psychic or dream bath before bedtime! The uses for this set are only limited by your imagination! Comes with instructions on how to cleanse and charge them as well as a natural burlap bag to keep them safe when not in use!

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