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Energy Mover (Selenite Grid), Crystal Set

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Energy Mover (Selenite Grid) Crystal Set
4 Pieces of Selenite Included

Selenite is the ultimate energy mover! It is often used by energy healers and practitioners to move energy through the chakras. However, you can also leverage the power of this crystal to keep energy from stagnating in any space!

Simply place one piece of selenite on each corner or a room (or house) or any space which may have stagnant energy. The crystals work by themselves! They need to be cleansed at least once a month - this can be done with Sage or Palo Santo. If you have smaller spaces (such as a corridor) you can place one crystal at each end of the corridor. You can use all 4 crystals at once or 2 at a time. For very small spaces or corners, you can just use one crystal to keep the energy from "pooling" in a particular place.

This set comes with an organza bag for crystal storage when not in use! Also directions on how to cleanse and program your crystals are included.

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