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Fairy Power Gemstone Set

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Gemstone Set: Fairy Power Stores
Contains: 6 stones

This beautiful gemstone set is made specially for working with Fairy spirits. Whether you are just starting out or have been working with Fairy Magick for a long time, this will be a very useful set! This set contains 6 Fairy Power gemstones. Below are the meanings for each stone as they apply to Fairy Magick!

- Carnelian: Used for Personal power, sexuality, creativity, past lives, protection, courage, focus and motivation. Attracts Fire and Garden Fairies.

- Clear Quartz: A favorite Fairy stone! Used for healing, divination, meditation, shapeshifting, seeing Fairies, developing second sight and psychic abilities, purification, protection and balancing energy!

- Fluorite: Used for Fairy dream magick, developing psychic abilities, harmony and peace.

- Tree Agate: Used for protection, wealth, purification, meditation, harmony and dispelling negativity. This stone attracts helpful woodland and Garden Fairies!

- Rose Quartz: Used for friendship, Faery love and healing magick, romance, balancing emotions, Faery inspiration and gifts, adapting to change, forgiveness, attunement, faith, fertility and compassion.

- Sodalite: Used for psychic development, divination, shapeshifting, empowerment, moving energy, knowledge, wealth, creativity and protection. This stone attracts Fairy Queens and Kings!

This beautiful set comes with a quick reference card with meanings for each stone in Fairy Magick as well as instruction on how to cleanse and charge your stones. An organza pouch is also included to keep your stones safe when not in use!

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