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Family Holiday Survival Stone Set

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Family Holiday Survival Set
Includes 5 Tumbled Crystals

Even though we all love our families, the holidays can be very trying, especially if you are an empath or sensitive to energy. This small kit is the perfect size to take everywhere you go and keep yourself in balance!
* Moonstone - A stone of peace and calm, that aids in dealing with difficult relationships.
* Unakite - A fantastic stone for communication to avoid misunderstandings. Also has a gentle energy that can protect your heart chakra
* Sodalite - A great stone to clear mental fog and help clear up thoughts and ideas. Also a great stone for help in sleeping in new locations.
* Hematite - A stone of grounding, to help keep emotions from getting the better of you. Aids in keeping you from feeling overwhelmed.
* Ocean Jasper - A strong protective stone that protects against toxic people or toxic situations.

Use one stone at a time or all at once - its up to you! Be sure to cleanse your stones often! Each set comes with instructions on how to cleanse and program and an organza bag to keep them safe when not in use.

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