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Fava Beans, Dried (Mojo Beans)

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Planet: Mercury

Bulk Components: Fava Beans, Dried (Mojo Beans)

Format: Dried Beans
Size: 1 oz package

Dried Fava beans are also called Mojo Beans and African Wishing Beans. They are widely believed to have the power to make Wishes Come True in the african culture. In New Orleans, following an old Sicilian custom, they are placed on home altars on St. Joseph’s Feast Day, then distributed for luck. The lore says that you must make an odd number of wishes — either 1, 3, or 7 — and for each wish, place one Mojo bean in your pocket. Carry them this way for 7 days. At dawn on the 7th day, go to running water, call out your wishes "in the name of The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost” and throw the beans in the water over your left shoulder. Walk away, don’t look back — and in 7 days, your wishes will come true. Of course this is simply lore!

These beans are NOT made for consumption, but can be use in spiritual practices, crafts and so much more!!

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