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Fertility Gemstone Set

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Crystal Set: Fertility Stones
Contains: 4 Stones

The Fertility Gemstone set was designed to provide the necessary fertility force not only on conception but in any other area of your life that needs to grow and expand as luck, love, prosperity and so on. The set is excellent even for gardening when you plant herbs in your garden. It helps you to maintain your energy at the right place and connection to Earth. When you have the connection with Earth's energy, your spells and magical work carry more power and consequently bring the success you're looking for. The stones where chosen by their energy and when together they enhance each other's properties to give you the fertility needed at any time you use the set!

- Rose Quartz - stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It also attracts a soul mate and/or brings harmony in an existent relationship

- Tiger's Eye - It combines the energy of Earth with the energy of the Sun creating a high vibrational state of grounding energies and balancing the lower chakras. It is also a protective stone and assists in accomplishing goals

- Carnelian -grounds and anchors you in the present reality, it is full of life force and stimulates the base chakra improving fertility

- Moonstone - stone of new beginnings, nurturing stone, motherhood stone and helps on child birth. All the stones complement each other enhancing fertility energy to your needs. It is an excellent tool to have on hands.

The uses for this set are only limited by your imagination! Comes with instructions on how to cleanse and charge them as well as a natural burlap bag to keep them safe when not in use!

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