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Frankincense Resin, African (Carterii)

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Element: Fire
Planet: Sun

Bulk Herbs: Frankincense Resin, African (Carterii)
Boswellia carterii

Format: Resin
Size: 1 oz package

Also known as: Boswellia carterii, Olibanum, Arabic Frankincense, Beyo Frankincense, Mohorl Frankincense and Salai guggal

Farming: NA
Location: Africa

Frankincense and the oil produced from it has been known for its healing powers and its ability to improve communication with the creator in the Middle East for thousands of years before it was made a gift of to Christ by the Magi. There are over 52 references to it in the Bible. Egyptian records show a great many references to it including its use in cosmetics, perfumes and as an embalming agent. The Chinese used it as part of a treatment for leprosy. Grown predominantly on the Somali coast and parts of the Arabian Peninsula, the resin is obtained by making deep cuts in the trunk of the tree lengthwise. Below this incision a narrow strip of bark is peeled off allowing the sap to run out, and as it touches air it begins to harden. It takes approximately three months to harden into the yellow “tears” that we are used to seeing will be sold at market. The sap is gathered from May until the rain showers start in September.

This resin grows in Somaliland and Somalia in Africa. Some traditional uses of Boswellia carterii is to burn it as an incense for fragrance especially after cooking something non pleasant smelling such as fish. It is burnt for the warding away of mosquitoes, and insects such as sand flies. It is believed that burning boswellia carterii frankincense after an illness will clear the germs. It is also believed it can drive away evil spirits. It is said that most of Boswellia carterii resins are sold for the perfume industry with France being one of the major purchasers of Boswellia carterii. Boswellia carterii is used in many popular perfumes. France has an incredible history of distillation and perfumery with boswellia carterii, especially in Grasse region of France. It is also reported that China is a large purchaser of Boswellia carterii, for use in Chinese medicine. Boswellia carterii is a source of boswellic acid, and has been recently shown to fight inflammatory diseases like asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, atopic dermatitis, Crohn’s disease and a variety of cancers.

NOTE: Not for use in pregnancy except under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Frankincense was one of the three gifts given to the Baby Jesus by the Three Magi, recorded as being of equal value with myrrh and gold. Frankincense was used to slow down the pulse and deepen respiration, keeping meditation focuses and helping the mind stay on prayer. The ancient Egyptians used frankincense in embalming the dead, but they also used it in cosmetics. Frankincense is is burned to raise vibrations, purify, and exorcise. It will aid meditations and visions. The essential oil is used to anoint magickal tools and altars.

This is an important herb for all of those working with Egyptian magick, as it was one of the main herbs they used for purification of temples and sick houses. Frankincense Properties: Centering, Elemental Magick (Fire), Sun Incense, Meditation, Purification, Protection Spells

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