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Astrology: Virgo, Gemini
Chakra: Heart

Palm Stones: Garnierite
Size: 1.5" to 2.5" each stone
Quantity: One palm stone

Garnierite is a general name for a green nickel ore found in pockets and veins within weathered and serpentinized ultramafic rocks. It is a bright green amorphous mineral consisting of a hydrated silicate of Nickel and magnesium. It forms by lateritic weathering of ultramafic rocks and occurs in many nickel laterite deposits.

Garnierite is named Jules Garnier, who first discovered it in 1864 in New Caledonia. It is a generic name for a green nickel ore that has formed due to lateritic weathering of ultramafic rocks. It is often used for carvings and ornamental objects.

Light-colored Garnierite is an alteration of olivine-rich rock to a clay-like mineral poor in Nickel. Light green to bright green Garnierite is a result of the leaching of manganese oxide, magnesium, Nickel, and iron from the original dark green Garnierite, rich in Nickel, which was deposited by groundwater.

Garnierite is sometimes referred to as Green Moonstone, but it is in the serpentine family and has nothing to do with moonstone. The sheen that can be seen on Garnierite comes from a large concentration of Nickel.

Garnierite works with the heart chakra for transformation and change. It aids in transmuting pain and sorrow into more positive emotions. It also helps with drive and the ability to "stick to" goals. I generally refer to Garnierite as the new year's resolution stone! Make your plans and use Garnierite to help you stick to them. Being in the serpentine family, it is also an excellent stone for all types of manifestation and luck. It is a higher vibration stone than regular serpentine due to the presence of Nickel, and it also has a strong connection with the water element so that it can be of great help during emotionally stressful times. There is something about Garnierite that feeds your soul - carry it with you to lift your spirits anytime you feel overwhelmed or down. This is also an excellent stone for those dealing with trauma.

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