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Gaudium Warding Salts by Wyld Witchery

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Size: 8 oz Jar

The ROSA line (Rosa is Latin for Rose) was created to work with the energies of the heart chakra and universal love. Whether you are working on healing your heart, manifesting new love, glamour magick, strengthening relationships, or tapping into the energies of all three water signs, use the blends in this line for empowerment and healing.

Warding Salts are created to protect, consecrate, cleanse, or bless an area. Our Gaudium Warding Salts are designed to raise the vibrations in a room, be it your home, ceremonial space, or even your place of business.

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Ingredients: Natural Fine Pacific Sea Salt, Natural Himalayan Sea Salt, Blue Lotus EO, Blue Lotus Flower Petals, Cornmeal, Hyssop Herb, Hyssop EO, Cedarwood EO, Cedar Tip Needles and Rose Petals.

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