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Goat's Rue (Organic)

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Product Details
Element: Air
Planet: Mercury

Bulk Herbs: Goat's Rue (Organic)
Galega officinalis

Format: C/S
Size: 1 oz package

Also Known as: Galega officinalis, Garden Rue, Devil’s Shoestring, Virginia Pea, Cat Gut, French Lilac, French Honeysuckle, Italian Fitch, Pestilenzkraut. NOTE: This is not the same herb as Rue!

Farming: Organic
Location: Hungary

Goat’s Rue is originally from Europe by way of Asia, but can now be found in most temperate regions around the world that have damp, sandy soil. Traditionally used as a tea, sometimes available in tea bags. May also be taken as a capsule or extract. It is also used cosmetically in hand and foot bath formulas.

Note: The safety for pregnant or lactating mothers has not been clinically verified, but historical information tends to regard it as safe, and in fact it may be able to increase breast milk.

In magick, this herb is ruled by Mercury and Air, but has been traditionaly used in healing spells of all kinds. This herb works well in sachets and herb mixtures that will not be burned. When added to incense it tends to overpower the scent of other herbs. This herb is not to be confused with Rue which is a completely different herb!

Keywords: Healing, Health For educational purposes only

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