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God & Goddess Gemstone Set

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Gemstone Stone Set: God and Goddess
Contains: 2 Natural Stones

This set contains 2 stones that can be used to channel the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. You can use them any way you choose and they can also be used as God/Goddess representations on all natural altar.

Goddess - Rainbow Moonstone
The Goddess is the Divine Feminine - she can be represented as Maiden, Mother and Crone but ultimately she represents the forces of creation itself. You can use this stone for any Goddess representation - even Dark Goddesses.

God - Black Tourmaline

The God is the Divine Masculine - he can be represented as Horned one, Hooded one and Old One but ultimately he represents the cycle of our planet and the force that allows creation to take place. You can use this stone for any God representation - even Dark Gods

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