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Good Luck Gemstone Set

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Gemstone Set: Good Luck
Contains: 4 Stones

Our Crystal gemstones for luck were created as an all-purpose set to bring good luck into your life. No matter what area of life you feel that you need to add a little luck, this stone set can help you! Remember to always cleanse and charge your stones before using them! Our good luck stone set contains:

- Tiger's Eye
- Green Aventurine
- Moonstone
- Citrine

This beautiful set of stones comes with an organza bag to keep them safe when not in use. Remember that as with all magic, the stones will not do the work for you - but they can help to aid and focus in the things you need to bring into your life. Luck alone will not change things - change can only come from you. You can use luck toi add a little bump of success to all of the things you are already doing!

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