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Indigo Gabbro

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Indigo Gabbro

Location: Madagascar or Alaska
Approx. size: 1" - 2"
Amount per order: 1 Stone

Indigo Gabbro is a newly mined crystal from Madagascar, it is also found in Alaska in the US. Gabbro is a combination of multiple minerals containing Feldspar, Chlorite, Serpentine, Muscovite, Pyroxene, Hercynite, and Magnetite in a charcoal colored matrix; it may also contain small amounts of Olivine, Chrome Garnet, Actinolite, and Biotite.

Provides connection to the higher self and awakens the energy of the third eye. Assists in developing psychic abilities. Can provide a mystical experience to realize who one truly is. Aids in dream recall and to summon one's spirit guides to teach and guide one during the sleep state. It is a stone that stimulates deep intuition, psychic knowing and clear visions, harmony, birth of creativity, and help you to access higher spiritual energy.

Assists in locating energy blockages within the body. Useful in the treatment of hot flashes, cellular swelling, and infections, disorders of the immune system, bruising and sprains. It purifies the body to alleviate the effects of fevers. Balances alkalinity of the body.

Merlinite is used to:

  • Open the doors to communication with the deceased
  • Learn magic
  • Develop past life recall
  • Use in shamanic work, magic rituals and healing
  • Achieve balance between light and dark
  • Chakras: Third Eye, Heart and Solar Plexus

Healers use Merlinite to invoke the storm element in moving energy fields.

All of our stones are hand-cleaned and hand-selected for the best possible energy!

(please note that pictures show a selection of stones not the actual stones you will receive. These are natural products and therefore size, shape and colors will vary from stone to stone. Thank you!)

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