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Intuition Boost Gemstone Set

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Product Details

Crystal Set: Intuition Boost
Contains: 5 Stones

We created this stone set to help you boost your intuition. It can also be used by those training your psychic ability, divination, or any other type of psychic/Spiritual work!

* Selenite Wand - A fantastic energy mover. It helps to open your chakras, raise your vibrations and move energy through them so that you can receive information

* Amethyst - One of the best crystals for stimulating your third eye!
* Lepidolite - Another crystal to aid with opening your third eye and also aids in being able to interpret any information you receive.
* Celestite - A stone of peace and calm that connects you with your spirit guides to keep you protected and clear during your work.
* Clear Quartz- A fantastic healing stone, but also one that helps amplify the power of your other crystals.

Use one stone at a time or all at once - it's up to you!

Be sure you Cleanse your stones when you first receive them. From then on, cleanse them after each use. Instructions on cleansing and programming your stones are also enclosed. An organza bag is also included to keep your crystals safe when not in use!

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