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Kambaba Stone

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Natural Stones: Kambaba Stone

Approx. size: 1.0" - 1.5"
Amount per order: 1 Stone

Also known as Crocodile Jasper, Eldarite, Kambaba Jasper (Madagascar), Nebula Stone (Mexico)

There is so much debate and information surrounding these stones in mineral world. Although it is not a Jasper it is sometimes referred to as a Jasper. Some geologists argue that it is a fossil while others argue that it is volcanic rock. The most definitive work on this has been done by german geologists who evaluated and studied the stone and have concluded that it is indeed a Volcanic rock. They have identified these stones as Eldarit (which in English converts to Eldarite). There 2 varieties of this stone, they both have the same composition but the difference in color simply stems from locality of where it is mined. Eldarite mined in Madagascar is often referred to as Kambaba and the Eldarite mined in Mexico has been trademarked in the USA under the name Nebula Stone. This has probably been one of the most fascinating and frustrating stone to investigate! One thing is for sure, this is an ancient stone! Below is a link with more information about the German info (you may have to translate the page):

Energetically however, this is a very interesting stone. It has strong protection properties, yet with a gentle energy which makes it a great stone for protection at the office (from jealousy and negative energy) but also to purify the energies around you. It has strong associations with the heart chakra and can help guard the energy of those who tend to wear their heart on their sleeves.

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