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Labradorite Crystal Elixir

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Our Labradorite crystal elixir brings all of the energy of this stone in liquid form so that you can experience it in a whole new way! This elixir is created for those wanting to add a little extra power when working through your spiritual journey. It can help expand consciousness and provide spiritual focus to keep you from being overwhelmed. It can also be used for those working on changing behavior patterns, and wanting to understand the why behind the way we think.

Labradorite is a member of the oligoclase, feldspar group and is a sodium calcium aluminium silicate. It is translucent to semi-opaque. Labradorite is truly a fascinatingly beautiful mineral. Its a mineral whose charm is not fully noticed and may be overlooked if not viewed from the proper position. Generally a dull, dark grey to grey-green looking mineral with no special virtue until the colourful schiller is observed glowing on the surface.

The attraction of labradorite comes from its phenomenal quality of peacock-like iridescence, caused by internal twinning striations and a lamellar structure within the stone.

It shows labradorescence (a mineral displays a brilliant play of colours on the surface of the stone). This effect is caused by interference of light from lattice distortions in the stone. The main colour flashes in the stone are green, blue, gold, orange, red and sometimes violet. To best see this effect it must be in a light source.

Labradorite is found in Canada, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, India and the United States. In the 1940s Labradorite was discovered in Finland that exhibited the entire colour spectrum, and these were named Spectrolite. This stone is named after Labrador, and is associated with many of the ancient magical practices of the region, including knot rituals.

Infusion Type: Double Sun Infusion
Infusion Method: Indirect
Bottle Size: 1/2 oz

All of our double Sun infused elixirs are infused for 6 hours in direct sunlight. After resting for 12 hours, they infuse for another 6 hours in the sun. After that, they rest for 48 hours with the crystal so that the energies in the mother essence can stabilize. All of our mother essences are stored with their infusion stones on a Selenite plate to maintain potency.

Dosage: take 4-5 drops of elixir up to 3 times per day. This elixir does not interfere with any other medication you may currently be on. Contains trace amounts of food grade alcohol. This information is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease. Please consult a physician for any medical advice.

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