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Lady's Mantle (Organic)

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Element: Water
Planet: Venus

Bulk Herbs: Lady's Mantle, Organic
Alchemilla vulgaris

Format: Cut and sifted
Size: 1 oz package

Also known as: Alchemilla vulgaris and Alchemilla xanthochlora, Dewcup, Hairy Mantle, Lion's foot, Bear's foot, Leontopdium, Stellaria and Nine Hooks.

Farming Type: Organic
Origin: USA

Lady's mantle is a perennial herb found in North America, Europe, and Asia. It has been referenced in many medicinal and magical circles since the middle ages. Its first appearance in a botanical tome was in Jerome Bock's "History of Plants" in 1532. Its scientific name Alchemilla is a derivative of the Arab work Alkemelych, or alchemy, so called for the plant's magical healing potency. Folklore concerning Lady's Mantle seems to focus on the dew that is gathered on the leaves at the center of its furrowed leaves, which is said to be a key ingredient in several alchemical formulas. The dew was also said to be collected and used as a beauty lotion.

Lady's Mantle was first associated with the worship of the Earth Mother, but as Christianity spread, and like many pagan symbols before it, it was absorbed and eventually became associated with the Virgin Mary. Although its leaves bear a striking resemblance to cilantro, lady's mantle is in the rose family. The most common use of lady's mantle in ancient times was to treat sudden infections of the mouth and throat. Cuts, scrapes, and burns were bathed in warm teas of lady's mantle to prevent infection.

Lady's mantle tea has also been used to treat heavy menstruation, menstrual cramps, and disagreeable symptoms of menopause. Some modern herbalists recommend lady's mantle as a treatment for diabetes; it may help prevent circulatory problems in diabetics. It has also been used as a green dye for wool for centuries.

In ritual spells and magic, Lady's Mantle is ruled by Venus and water and is often used in all kinds of love spells. Keywords: Love For educational purposes only

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