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Lepidolite, Natural

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Product Details
Astrology: Taurus

Natural Stones: Lepidolite
Size: 3/4"to 1" each stone
Quantity per order: 1 Stone

Lepidolite is an uncommon mica and has only in the past decade become available on the mineral market in large quantities. Lepidolite is an ore of lithium and forms in granitic masses that contain a substantial amount of lithium. The lithium content in lepidolite does vary greatly however and low lithium lepidolite is nearly useless as an ore of lithium. The typical violet to pink color of lepidolite is characteristic and is the only field test available to identify lepidolite from other micas. Lepidolite crystals accompany such other lithium bearing minerals such as tourmaline, amblygonite and spodumene and can add greatly to the value of these specimens.

Psychically, lepidolite is used for dreamwork, rebirthing, and is also good for dream recall. Lepidolite is a stone of psychic ability and helps in developing psychic gifts, It is a powerful stone when paired with Amethyst and is excellent for grid work!

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