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Lily of the Valley (Wild Crafted)

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Element: Air
Planet: Mercury

Bulk Herbs: Lily of the Valley (Wild Harvested)
Convallaria majalis

Format: C/S
Size: 1 oz package

Also known as: May lily, may bells, convallaria, conval lily.

Farming Type: Wild Crafted
Origin: USA

Lily of the Valley, also called Convallaria majalis, is widely known for its great beauty. With large green leaves and small, delicate flowers, these plants are a beauty to behold. However, some believe that the real beauty of the Lily of the Valley may lie in its therapeutic qualities. Lily of the Valley is a perennial, growing up to 9 inches tall. Its flowers are white and it grows small red berries. Lily of the Valley is originally native to Europe, but now can be found in North America and Asia. Its leaves and flowers are harvested in the spring.

In magick, Lily of the Valley is ruled by Mercury and Air. An excellent herb for communication on all levels. It can also be used to boost and improve mental capacity and psychic ability.

Keywords: Mental Powers, Happiness

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