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Linden Leaf and Flower (Organic)

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Element: Air
Planet: Jupiter

Bulk Herbs: Linden Leaf and Flower (Organic)
Tilia europaea

Format: C/S
Size: 1 oz package

Also known as: Lime Blossoms, Tiliea, European Linden, European Lime Tree

Farming: Organic
Location: Bulgaria

The Linden tree is found in both Europe and North America. There are many folktales concerning linden across Europe. One of the most radical is of Celtic origin that states that if you sit under the linden tree you will be cured of epilepsy. In Roman and German folklore, the linden tree is seen as the “tree of lovers”, and Polish folklore tells that the wood is good protection against both the evil eye and lightning. Linden blossom have been used to make a variety of items including herbal teas and a base for perfumes, as well as being known for producing tiny aromatic flowers that attract many bees that in turn produce a wonderful honey.

NOTE: Don’t drink linden flower teas within 2 hours of taking any vitamin and mineral supplement, since the mucilages in the tea can interfere with the absorption of nutrients from the supplement.

In magick, Linden is ruled by Jupiter and Air. It has a history of being used in spells for Protection, healing, luck, love and sleep. It's primary use in ancient times was protection. It works extremely well in protection sachets or talismans.

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