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Lovage Root (Organic)

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Product Details
Element: Fire
Planet: Sun

Bulk Herbs: Lovage Root, Organic
Ligusticum sinense (or Officialis)

Format: Dried Root
ize: 1 oz package

Also known as: Garden lovage, Lubstickel, Lavas, Chinese Lovage, Cornish Lovage, Italian Lovage, Lavose, Love Rod, Love Root, Loving Herbs

Origin: China
Farming: Organic

Ligusticum sinense (or Officialis), better known as Lovage Root, has long been used as an ornamental plant and an herbal remedy.

Lovage is a flowering plant in the same family as carrots, parsley, and dill. Its dark green leaves resemble cilantro, while the stalks resemble celery. The herb is sweeter but stronger than celery. Brought from Europe as both a food and as a medicinal, it now grows wild in the United States in New England, the Great Lakes states, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. For centuries, it has been thought of as a good ingredient to add to love potions. During the 1800's a cordial made from lovage, tansy, and yarrow was widely available as a folk remedy for an upset stomach. Charlemagne was said to have liked the sight of lovage so much so that he had the grounds of his estate populated with it.

An herbal tea with a very sweet-smelling fragrance can be made from the dried leaves of Organic Lovage Root. Can be used for teas, tinctures and encapsulations. Also can be eaten fresh as a vegetable. The dried leaf may be sprinkled on food or added to soup stock. Organic Lovage Root can be eaten in salads or infused dry as a tea or decoction.


In Magick, this root is ruled by Sun and Fire and is often used in love magick. It can also be used in glamour magick if you are attempting to appear more attractive and love inspiring to others.

Keywords: Love, Attraction, Glamour

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