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Lungwort (Organic)

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Planet: Jupiter

Bulk Herbs: Lungwort, Organic
Pulmonaria officinalis

Format: C/S
Size: 1 oz package

Also Known as: Lungwort, Common Lungwort, Herb of Mary. Our Lady's Milk Drops

Farming Type: Organic
Origin: Poland

Lungwort is one of the first plants to flower in the early spring in its native habitats. Lungwort leaves can be eaten as a vegetable, either raw in salads, or cooked, but it is most often used in medicine for its expectorant and demulcent properties. Sometimes referred to as the "Herb of Mary", it was used as part of a formula to help reveal if someone was a witch or not, and also conversely it was worn as a protection against the evil eye. Lungwort grows wild throughout the Eastern United States and in its native Western Europe. It is distinguished by its spotted leaves and bright flowers that change color from rose to blue, with both colors often being found on the plant at the same time.

Lubngwort can be used dried as a tea or in capsules.

In magick, Lungwort is ruled by air. It can be used in magick for travel, and communication. It's ruling planet is Jupiter and as such it can be used for abundance, prosperity and increase. This is especially good for those whose jobs require travel or public speaking.

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